Sothawaca Visits Afuze Technical College, Afuze.

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As part of SOTHAWACA’s Educational Activities, we undertook the tour and inspection of the various Departments within the Afuze Technical College. Our 1st port of call was the ICT Department where we met students taking lectures. Though there is no Computer teacher
assigned to the school by government, the Principal was able to get a Contract Teacher who  takes the students 3 times a week during school days.

The challenge the young teacher has with the students is that when they come for lessons, a great majority of the students spend that period playing games on their allotted systems. The classroom is equipped with Computers enough to take 25 students at a time. There’s also a
Generator attached to that classroom to power electricity for both the computers and the internet facility provided by the SEEFOR Project.

We seized the opportunity to have an interactive session with the students who seem to be quite happy to have such a facility at their disposal. Their only complain was steady power supply.

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