Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights project.

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SOTHAWACA initiated the ASRHR project as a follow-up from the International Conference on Sexual reproductive health and rights. Our goal was to provide a youth friendly adolescent and reproductive health program for young people. We aimed at establishing presence in at least 4 schools in Owan East Local Government Area. This was with a view of training peer educators who would share ASRHR messages around the targeted villages of the LGA. We also looked and worked with families by equipping them with ASRHR knowledge through our Parents and Adolescents Communication Forum. This program promotes HIV prevention among Capacity building in the community. Advocacy and Enlightenment Campaign that seeks to mobilize and educate the society on how to work together on issues concerning gender equity and equality.

The empowerment frame work at grassroots level address pertinent social, economic and political issues  affecting children especially the girl child in Illueha Community. The Enlightenment Campaign will go a long way in minimizing instances of abuse which have been swept under the carpet and directly undermine future women’s development. The Enlightenment Campaign has come at a right time when the nation and the whole world are also realizing the need to empower the girl child through education in order to achieve gender equality. There is also a definite need to build the capacity of especially the Illueha Community girl child to confront and resist sexual abuse and exploitation and to embrace economic empowerment as a tool towards complete freedom now and in the future. The general situation in our society is that there is gender imbalance in all aspects of life.

Generally, the boy child is given priority in all aspects of life. This has resulted in the escalating number of homeless girls, school drop-outs, child prostitution, rape and early marriages and pregnancies. A major concern is the health and education of the girl child which is put at risk with most girls dying of Maternal Mortality and HIV/AIDS at an early age. Although Nigeria has some very strong women’s organizations, there is no group that
works exclusively with school aged girls in and outside school and represent them and their issues.

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